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General discussions about paid sex.

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Pussy flavored beer

Have you guys heard about this? Apparently, a company started creating beer made from vaginal lact…

4 months 6 days 7 hours 57 minutes 6 seconds ago

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The Best Porn Site

My best regards go to people from Sex-Vienna! An unprecedented site about Vienna nightlife and beyo…

4 months 19 days 16 hours 21 minutes 6 seconds ago

Posts: 10

Prostitute nationalities

The great thing about the Viennese pay sex scene is that there are many different nationality prost…

4 months 30 days 6 hours 37 minutes 6 seconds ago

Posts: 13

Effects of cheaper and cheaper prices for sex

I see so many people getting hyped whenever a club or brothel decides to lower their prices. I, on …

5 months 5 days 20 hours 59 minutes 6 seconds ago

Posts: 8

Performance Enhancers 1 2

I’d like to know if you guys use any performance enhancers while having sex with prostitutes.…

4 months 14 days 9 hours 7 minutes 6 seconds ago

Posts: 18

Prostitution Nightmare Stories

I thought it would be fun to share some of our worst nightmarish stories that happened while with a…

4 months 24 days 18 hours 9 minutes 6 seconds ago

Posts: 8

Best condom for paid sex

Bareback is always better, but let’s face it; condoms are necessary for paid sex. I’m i…

5 months 17 days 11 hours 59 minutes 6 seconds ago

Posts: 11

Best Webcam Services 1 2

I usually watch regular porn and there are amazing webcam videos on porn sharing sites like pornhub…

5 months 3 days 20 hours 50 minutes 6 seconds ago

Posts: 17

Sex With Prostitutes l With Condom VS Without Condom

Hi guys. I know that you should always use a condom when you’re having sex with a prostitute,…

7 months 28 days 14 hours 6 minutes 6 seconds ago

Posts: 12

White Chicks vs Ebony 1 2

So guys, what’s your take regarding the question in the title of this thread? Do you prefer W…

5 months 6 days 10 hours 30 minutes 6 seconds ago

Posts: 15

Legal or Illegal Sex Work

Hi guys! I’m looking to know what are the main differences in hiring legal and illegal prosti…

4 months 27 days 16 hours 5 minutes 6 seconds ago

Posts: 14

Silicone vs Natural breasts 1 2

I know this is an age-old question, but I’m interested to see what you guys think. Which one …

5 months 7 days 8 hours 24 minutes 6 seconds ago

Posts: 17

Prostitute tipping 1 2

I’m interested to know what is the norm about tipping in Vienna sauna and sexclubs. Do the gi…

4 months 18 days 9 hours 47 minutes 6 seconds ago

Posts: 18

Any noteworthy news about the pay sex scene.

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Crypto ATM in Beverly Hills club

I’ve been to Beverly Hills yesterday and I saw a new ATM in the club. I asked and the staff t…

2 months 11 days 10 hours 52 minutes 6 seconds ago

Posts: 3

Taxi driver abuses women

I’ve just found this article about a taxi driver in Vienna. According to what is written in t…

4 months 25 days 21 hours 53 minutes 6 seconds ago

Posts: 8

Plans to rebuild the Gürtel?

A friend mentioned that it seems that the government wants to rebuild the Gürtel again? Do you gu…

4 months 20 days 9 hours 8 minutes 6 seconds ago

Posts: 7

Weak girl lineup over Eastern holidays

The mongerering scene in Vienna has been quite boring over the last couple of days because of the E…

7 months 1 day 10 hours 44 minutes 6 seconds ago

Posts: 3

Illegal Prostitution

Recently I’ve seen multiple reports on illegal apartments and studios being shut down by the poli…

5 months 8 days 7 hours 46 minutes 6 seconds ago

Posts: 6

Backpage is closed 1 2

It seems Backpage is closed and now is showing an official notification of FBI. “Backpage.com…

4 months 27 days 39 minutes 6 seconds ago

Posts: 18
Suggestions and Recommendations

Ask or leave suggestions or recommendations here.

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Vienna advice | how can I avoid the smoke in the clubs 1 2

I will be in Vienna for the first time soon but will be with my family. Because of this, I need a p…

3 months 30 days 13 hours 28 minutes 7 seconds ago

Posts: 16

What NOT to do in a brothel!

Brothel etiquette is very important. The things you do in a sexclub and the way you interact with t…

5 months 21 hours 4 minutes 7 seconds ago

Posts: 13

First time in Vienna

Hi, I’m new to the whole paying for sex thing, but I’d like to know where to start, whi…

5 months 4 days 1 minute 7 seconds ago

Posts: 7
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