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Breaking news: Fresh Saunaclub is now closed!

Unfortunately, Fresh Saunaclub is now officially closed. Apparently the obvious problems that they had since day 1 have finally brought them down. Here are some of the problems why the club never seemed to make enough profit: They never had the ideal amount of girls. Mostly too few girls to attract the real FKK clientele and too many girls for the few clients they had. (therefore the girls were not happy with how much money they made) Fresh is a club that’s quite small that also doesn’t offer the same amenities that real FKKs the we all know from Austria, Germany and Switzerland do A weird price policy: From 80€ to 60€, then 40€ and finally 30€ on Fridays – no one could actually know how much he would have…
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Watch out! New girls, new prices in Goldentime Vienna

In Goldentime Vienna the prices were generally agreed upon by all the girls over the years: Entry fee in the club – 90€ (raised from 80 to 90 in August 2013); 60€ for half an hour; 120€ for an hour; Extra Prices – 60€ CIM (Cum In Mouth), 60€ for swallowing cum, 120€ for anal sex, 60€ for cum on tits. This was the general price scheme and blowjob without condom (OWO) and kissing (DFK) were never charged as an extra service. As we all know this can sometimes depend on the chemistry between the client and girl and the girls may sometimes refuse to do it. Either they were included in the 60€/120€ price (half an hour/ an hour) or they weren’t offered at all. However, recently new prices…
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Watch out! New girls, new prices in Goldentime Vienna 5/5 (100%) 4 votes


Upcoming events in Vienna’s Sex Clubs

Sex addict with Writer’s block I haven’t been myself lately when it comes to writing which is not only my hobby but also responsible for most of my income. I was around the blocks of Vienna much, been to almost all places that I like regularly and have met lots of new friends and girls, had some great experiences and some not so memorable ones as well. But I was out A LOT but writer’s block is a bitch and when you don’t feel the flow then you can’t deliver your best work. That is true for any given profession, I suppose. Anyway, seeing what Vienna’s sex clubs have in store for us in the next few weeks I feel the urge to share that with my Sex Vienna readers….
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Hot summer in Vienna’s FKKs results in cold shower in fall

Changes in Vienna’s FKK Sauna Club scenery 2013 2013 was a super hot year with a heat wave that was unheard of if you believe Austria’s weather records. With temperatures well over 35 degrees celcius throughout July and August this was a summer that I will always remember. This kind of heat can go into your head and sting… it can figuratlvely speaking burn a hole into your brain. Not everybody can deal with this kind of heat. If it was the heat and respective heat strokes that caused the changes in  Vienna’s FKK Sauna Club life, one can only speculate. I for one think that not all of the things that were changed were really given a great deal of thought before going through with. As far as I…
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Hot summer in Vienna’s FKKs results in cold shower in fall 4.8/5 (95%) 4 votes


A Party Night in Saunaclub Funpalast

I really only go to FP when there is a party… As I have stated already in my last Saunaclub comparison post, I prefer GT over FP but occasionally visit Funpalast when there is a party. Funpalast parties are held pretty much every 2 weeks (to keep FP alive, I think) and at those parties the place is mostly pretty full, both with girls and ice bears. The last one I was at was on Friday 22nd. February 2013 and the motto was: “LUFT & SEX” – which means “Air and sex” Since it was the beginning of the weekend, they were open until 6am in the morning, which is cool. How many girls and what do they look like? At parties there are usually between 60 – 80 girls…
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A Party Night in Saunaclub Funpalast 4.1/5 (81%) 19 votes


FKK Sauna Clubs in Vienna – a comparison

Sauna Club introduction (comparison and rating are coming soon…) Not too long ago I wrote a post about Laufhauses in Vienna where I listed all of them and rated them. I think it is about time I update my blog with the same basic info about FKK Sauna Clubs in Vienna. Although Vienna is one of Europe’s bigger cities there are just 3 real FKK Saunas and only 2 of them are competitive and attract a large crowd. But before I get into that, let me explain a bit what Sauna Clubs are and why they differ so much from other venues like Nightclubs, Studios, Laufhauses and Peepshows. A Saunaclub is a place where you usually pay an entry fee which allows you to get in (dressed only with bathrobe or…
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FKK Sauna Clubs in Vienna – a comparison 4.1/5 (83%) 28 votes



Isabella Goldentime

Isabella Introduction Isabella is a pretty little thing that works in Saunaclub Goldentime . What is a Saunaclub? I will explain that in another upcoming post when my time allows it. I had been wanting to go to the room with her for a while already as I had seen her quite often on previous occassions on the website, on TV in a report about Goldentime and in the Laufhaus where she used to work before she came to Goldentime. She is not the slimmest girl of all but in general she has an amazing and sexy body with fantastic tits and a nice ass. She is a friendly girl that speaks decent English and smiles a lot. When you see her from a distance, she may seem as if she…
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