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Laufhaus Sex in Vienna

What is a Laufhaus? I have mentioned the term Laufhaus a few times already in this very blog and I have written reviews about it. Now I thought to myself that I need to dedicate a post to the topic at hand and also list the currently open ones and maybe rate them a bit. A Laufhaus is a totally different animal than the other brothel forms you find in Austria and in Vienna in particular. A Laufhaus can best be described as a kind of sex hotel where the girls pay for the room and the guests pay for the sex, do their thing and leave. There are usually no guest rooms, no drinks, except for coffee and soft drinks machines and no reason to stay longer than for…
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Laufhaus Sex in Vienna 4.9/5 (98%) 10 votes


Rebecca in Laufhaus Vienna

Rebecca Introduction Rebecca is a girl with many facets and many names. I have known her for a while and have banged her a few times already. Rebeccy is formerly know as Soraya and Kaleya (or something like that, I forgot the actual spelling) and only worked in Laufhauses here in Vienna as far as I know. At least I haven’t spotted her images or ads of her in other cities yet. Right now she can be booked in Laufhaus Vienna which in my opinion is one of the better Laufhaus’ in Vienna although I really like none of them very much. Before that she worked in Laufhaus Rachel, a place that made a name for itself mostly because they charge 5€ entry for every visitor which is unheard of…
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Rebecca in Laufhaus Vienna 4.1/5 (81%) 17 votes



BIG WARNING – Beware Yvette in Laufhaus Juchgasse 11a – 1030 Wien

Yvette in Laufhaus Juchgasse – be afraid, be very afraid Laufhaus Juchgasse is allegedly the first and therefore oldest Laufhaus in Vienna and has a soso reputation. By that I mean that the level of service that you will probably get is rather weak while the prices are pretty high there. Despite that fact it is known to be one of the most visited Laufhaus’ in Vienna and since almost all rooms are occupied by the girls (some should be flattered now) that is probably very true. Usually and theoretically it is not fair to pin bad experiences you have with a sexworker on the location they work at because at the end of the day it is the girls who failed to please you and legally as well as…
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BIG WARNING – Beware Yvette in Laufhaus Juchgasse 11a – 1030 Wien 4.9/5 (98%) 111 votes



Natalie in Laufhaus Vienna – Triesterstrasse

So it’s been a while since I got around to writing another post on my blog here and I have lots to write as I was in various places and had some great and some not so great encounters. I will start with the most recent one because I remember most of it still and I wasn’t that drunk this time Today I write about Natalie in Laufhaus Vienna Approaching Natalie from Romania I had done my online research as usual and decided to see Natalie on that particular night after A LOT OF WORK in my job. I was done, more well done than a Brazilian steak on the grill, and just needed a companion. I had seen Natalie in person before in another studio where she used to…
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Natalie in Laufhaus Vienna – Triesterstrasse 1.7/5 (33%) 26 votes