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(HAPPY) NEW YEAR – first warnings in 2015

New Year Resolution 2015: MORE SEX but in all the right places ONLY Sex wise 2014 was a quiet and less turbulent year for me as I spent most of my time back home where I basically have to turn into a teetotaler for various reasons. Mostly professional ones but also due to the law restrictions in my home town. In 2015 I wish and plan to spend most of my time in Vienna again and concentrate on writing for work but also for all you followers of my blog and I will start today! Warning: Beware of those scammers in 2015 While I prefer to write positive reports about the nicer things in life including my mongering experiences that went well, every now and then it is my duty…
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(HAPPY) NEW YEAR – first warnings in 2015 4.8/5 (97%) 6 votes


Dana – Super shorty in Laufhaus Vienna

Desperate times, desperate measures or desperately measuring Dana… I feel like in the middle of a real crisis. Looking through Kontaktbazar I feel like there are no real newcomers, no real stunners, no real angelic sexworking girls coming to Vienna anymore. We all know why but the market dictates its own rules sometimes and I guess these are such times where marketing dynamics just allow for the current scenario. Well, luckily for us Viennese punters there are still a few places where plenty of pretty girls are around and one of those places is Laufhaus Vienna: Looking back almost 2 years when they opened their gates for the first time I feel like we have seen better times along the way also there. But have no fear, there are…
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Dana – Super shorty in Laufhaus Vienna 3.9/5 (78%) 8 votes



Silicone Darling Nina in Vivenotgasse 33 – 1120 Wien

Sex Motivation is key One would think men are always motivated enough to go out and look for sex in all the right and wrong places and that is usually true. But there are moments when you don’t feel like it that much and I had been experiencing a certain dullness in my life lately which supressed my ever so great hunger for sex more and more. Thank god, that is over, thank god I am back to my old self again and ready for some action and some strange (copyright the late Charly Harper). But who is to feed the hungry beast, I wonder… If you are in Vienna and you wonder who to bang for a small (or not so small) affection fee it is easiest to consult…
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Silicone Darling Nina in Vivenotgasse 33 – 1120 Wien 2.9/5 (59%) 38 votes


Upcoming events in Vienna’s Sex Clubs

Sex addict with Writer’s block I haven’t been myself lately when it comes to writing which is not only my hobby but also responsible for most of my income. I was around the blocks of Vienna much, been to almost all places that I like regularly and have met lots of new friends and girls, had some great experiences and some not so memorable ones as well. But I was out A LOT but writer’s block is a bitch and when you don’t feel the flow then you can’t deliver your best work. That is true for any given profession, I suppose. Anyway, seeing what Vienna’s sex clubs have in store for us in the next few weeks I feel the urge to share that with my Sex Vienna readers….
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Upcoming events in Vienna’s Sex Clubs 4.5/5 (90%) 6 votes


Hot summer in Vienna’s FKKs results in cold shower in fall

Changes in Vienna’s FKK Sauna Club scenery 2013 2013 was a super hot year with a heat wave that was unheard of if you believe Austria’s weather records. With temperatures well over 35 degrees celcius throughout July and August this was a summer that I will always remember. This kind of heat can go into your head and sting… it can figuratlvely speaking burn a hole into your brain. Not everybody can deal with this kind of heat. If it was the heat and respective heat strokes that caused the changes in  Vienna’s FKK Sauna Club life, one can only speculate. I for one think that not all of the things that were changed were really given a great deal of thought before going through with. As far as I…
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Hot summer in Vienna’s FKKs results in cold shower in fall 4.8/5 (95%) 4 votes



Beware of Alexa (Siebertgasse 6) and Rebeca (Sechshauserstraße 19c)

Be warned and save your money for better places This note of mine is not an experience that I made myself… thank GOD… but is a warning which I spotted in the “Austrian Erotikforum aka EF” Apparently those 2 “jewels” [ PSYCHE ] must be avoided at any cost. Reports indicate that they are not interested in giving you the service level you’d expect and are most likely forced to do this job. In any case they hate it and do not care for their clients either. So, this gal promises quite a lot of dirty stuff in her ad in Kontaktbazar, I quote and translate: “Alexa – NEW IN WIEN!!! Tender 18-year-old Hungarian wants to spoil you! Cum wherever you want! Natural French, deep throat, Sperm games, Cum in…
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Beware of Alexa (Siebertgasse 6) and Rebeca (Sechshauserstraße 19c) 3.6/5 (71%) 9 votes



Jasmina in Maxim Wien

Back in Vienna after quite a while and ready for “coitus in Vienna” and for some ladies of the night in Maxim Wien Many reasons why I wasn’t able to do much with this blog in the last couple of weeks. All of which I will not use to bore you, it is not relevant although I needed to go back to my home town to solve some issues. Or better yet, to get rid of them and tie some loose ends. So I have done all that and am ready again for my favorite hobby which is “coitus” as my main man Sheldon Cooper uses to say so very fittingly Since I came back from Oslo I have had some success in the bars and discos I regularly go…
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Jasmina in Maxim Wien 4.2/5 (83%) 12 votes


Best Sex Studios in Vienna

Comparison of Vienna’s Sex Studios and Contact Studios As I have already compared Laufhauses in Vienna and FKK Saunaclubs in Vienna I think it is only fair to now compare also Vienna’s many sex studios. And I had a few requests of my readers to do so and I am more than happy to oblige. There are many facets and many qualities or lack thereof and caegories in which to put and describe Vienna’s Sex Studios. What mostly differs from Nightclubs in Vienna or any other of the many sex systems that we have in Vienna is the fact that it is really only about sex and nothing else. Unlike with escort services, in studios you usually do not intend to spend lots of time there to communicate. No, you want…
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Best Sex Studios in Vienna 3.3/5 (65%) 15 votes


A Party Night in Saunaclub Funpalast

I really only go to FP when there is a party… As I have stated already in my last Saunaclub comparison post, I prefer GT over FP but occasionally visit Funpalast when there is a party. Funpalast parties are held pretty much every 2 weeks (to keep FP alive, I think) and at those parties the place is mostly pretty full, both with girls and ice bears. The last one I was at was on Friday 22nd. February 2013 and the motto was: “LUFT & SEX” – which means “Air and sex” Since it was the beginning of the weekend, they were open until 6am in the morning, which is cool. How many girls and what do they look like? At parties there are usually between 60 – 80 girls…
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A Party Night in Saunaclub Funpalast 4.1/5 (81%) 19 votes



Chanel in Studio Sexihexi Engerthstraße 108

Chanel and Studio Sexihexi Introduction I have seen photos of Chanel’s in Sexmagazin already a while ago but never got to visit her until a few days ago when I finally managed to drag myself over to the 20th district of Vienna to have my debut in this highly acclaimed studio in Engerthstraße 108 1200 Vienna Although I had not been there before I was aware of the reputation of this Slovak and Czech hot girl outlet. I read many great reviews about them in and also heard good things about them from friends and fellow punters. I also knew the prices: 20 mins = 55€ 30 mins = 75€ 45 mins = 90€ 60 mins = 110€ That is not the cheapest I have ever paid in Vienna…
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Chanel in Studio Sexihexi Engerthstraße 108 3.4/5 (69%) 7 votes