Anita in Peepshow Burggasse – Guckloch

It’s been a while since I got to write my last blog entry and I hope to make up for it today by writing 2 reviews of my latest punts. I hope nobody interrupts me in between. :)

Peepshow introduction/explanation

For those of you who have no experience with peepshows, let me explain a bit what that is. A Peepshow basically is a house where between 5 – 10 girls dance on a kind of stage surrounded by a bunch of cabins. Only by entering those cabins and paying a minimum of €1 you get to see the naked girls on that stage. Usually they come in half naked and by the time the next girl comes the previous one is supposed to be totally naked and to show her pussy to everyone who is in that cabin. Everybody will agree that it is kind of gross and cheap, but then again there is a certain flair to it and if you simply want to masturbate, I guess it is a reasonable invention. There are about 6-7 peepshows left in Vienna, some of which allow sex in there and some of which that don’t.

There used to be way more of them a decade ago but due to certain changes in the dynamic of Vienna’s sex market, some of them had to close down. In any event, business is not as great as it used to be. For your understanding. in the late 90s it was a well know fact that the best girls in town could be found in the Peepshows. People paid lots of money for covered blowjobs, handjobs (girls usually wore gloves) and sex. It was much more expensive back then than it is today. Had you asked me a few years ago, I would have taken any bet that Peepshows would soon die in Vienna but seems I was wrong. Now, the Peepshow in Burggasse which is a 3min walk away from Lugner City and the Gürtel is better than the others in Vienna. The reason why they are better is the simple fact that the owners go all the lenghts to modernise this formerly very bad joint. Now it is cleaner and the girls are hotter than ever before. People told me that this one really used to be one of the worst peepshows in town along with the 69 peepshow group. I guess the latter is dead and all branches had to close down. I could explain a lot more and maybe a will on another day but for now all necessary info can be found here:

Entering the cabin

I am not a guy who goes to PSs (peepshows) to just jerk off. I do not even touch myself at all in the cabins  because they are gross and that is a fact. So i did my research before heading over there and I knew who I wanted to screw that day. Anita, the busty goddess, or so I figured she should be called after viewing her photos. I waited until it was her turn to dance and got in there, paying 2€ for a roughly 2 mins of watching her. Anita is all that her photos promise she would be. Anita smiles a lot, has a lovely non-fat figure and a set of tits that is among the best I have ever seen.

Sex in a Peepshow?

I forgot to tell you that in peepshows you can have sex because they have something what is called “solo cabins” or simply “Solos” which are seperated cabins which cost 8€ to use and then you can call the girls over to have sex with her or just talk with her if that is what you want. The 8€ are just for the start, though, if you plan to spend more time with her it is better to bring some change or buy a card on which you can put enough credit to get you through until you come and go.

Calling Anita into the “Solo”

One advantage of not jerking off in the peep cabins is the fact that you don’t need to pull your pants up when you want to reach the Solo before everyone else. You can thank me later for that hint.

So I was pretty fast after leaving the peep cabin to enter the Solo and I managed to call Anita before anyone else could. At first you are seperated from the girl you called (by selecting and pressing the image of the girl you want to meet ) by a glass door or window which the girls will gladly open for you. Inside the Solos there are big enough beds to go around your business. There are also small washbasins and a leather chair. It is not the most convenient thing in the world to wash your junk with that sink and for the sake of politeness towards the girl I recommend to take a shower before you go there. I am pretty sure less than 5% of all men do that but they still should in my opinion. Peepshows are gross enough in general, the people going there could be clean for a change.

A little bit of small talk. Anita is 23 years old and weighs close to 50 kilos. She is not that tall, maybe 163cm or so. She has a nice tan and dark blondish hair and, I repeat, one of the best pair ever. I paid her 65€ for sex and blowjob without condom and placed myself on the bed.

Anita is a bit insecure and doesn’t wear that monster of a body as proud as she could and should. She is a nice girl, with a soft and calm attitude. I got the immediate feeling that she is an honest and nice girl that is too sophisticated for that kind of job or at least for that joint. She would be better off in other places in town but who am I to decide that.

My sexual act with Anita

That body is better than Viagra, Kamagra and Cialis together so I was hard as a rock instantly upon her touching me and me touching what I call “THE PAIR”. So she went down on me and gave me a real nice and soft blowjob. The kind of blowjob that is sensible and slow. If you want a fast and wild ride, I am not sure if Anita is the best choice for you. While she blew me I started to feel her up as much as I could and tried to finger around her privates. She let most of it happen but as it is often the case I noticed that she was not too comfortable with it. The reason for that is simple: PEOPLE WHO GO TO PSs often stink and are not clean. I am sorry but that is what I observed. After a while I moved her away from down there and moved her on her back so I could inspect the rest of the body in control. She is perfectly shaved and perfectly shaped in every possible way. I gave her the full treatment and she let everything happen without a word. She encouraged me to continue when I felt that I should start nailing her which is always a good sign and usually means that you are less gross than others ;)

To shorten this trip: we tried all moves I have in my repertoire and this nice and pretty girl never denied me at all.

GFE – Girlfriend Experience in the Peepshow with Anita?

Not really and one should not expect it in a place like this.

Leaving Anita and the PS

After I was done I noticed that I had spent about 20€ for the cabin and 65 plus 5€ tip for Anita which is a good deal on one hand. On the other hand, I am still not very eager to go to PSs in the future. They are what they are and I guess they deserve a place among Vienna’s many brothels but this is not my favorite system  by far. Compared to other PSs, this one is the best, though.

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