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Maxim Wien
Peepshow Burggasse



Adam commented on The TerminPornBabes Residenz closed
on September 3, 2015 1:36

Hi there!
I´ve been at Maxim in Vienna last week. Firrst of all I have to admit that I choose that Club cause its central and I heard that there is also a club area and my hotel was near by. So I came there and what I liked first was that there is no Entry fee. I don´t like when sexclubs take entry cause it gives me the feeling that they just want to catch me so I stay for at least a drink. I don´t want to buy anything without knowing what I can expect. Anyway. The Club area is quite huge, but it´s seperated into two, the bar and show area and another room where it´s more quiet and intime. I liked that a lot, but in my case, as I alrdy mentioned, I wanted a little Party. So. I came inside and the atmosphere was just amazing! Really! I don´t go often to sexclubs, but whereever I´ve been — I dunno. I immediately and always had the feeling it´s a bit dirty, but in a bad way — if you know what I mean — but at this Maxim place absolutely not. The Girls were sexy and approached me of course and there was a stripshow almost all the time, but everything was just really cool and nobody forced me. So I had a few drinks and was chatting with the Ladys. And than I took an hour with a dark haired really cute girl. Well, what can I say. I will definitely COME AGAIN 😛 next year when I am back to my fav City Vienna!

Jay commented on The TerminPornBabes Residenz closed
on September 2, 2015 8:21

Is this problem still going on? I have an upcoming business trip to Vienna and was hoping to stop by GT, but this has me worried. Is there a good approach to avoiding girls that do this?

RAMIRO AMURRIO FERNANDEZ commented on The TerminPornBabes Residenz closed
on August 26, 2015 10:54

are come for hotel